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Frontiers in Biotechnology

The Curricular Unit Frontiers in Biotechnology will cover technological aspects that aim at obtaining products with scientific, industrial, health and agricultural applications, from organisms with increasing levels of complexity from bacteria, yeast, plants, animal cells and virus. With the lectures and demonstrations the students are expected to acquire knowledge in techniques and methodologies used in Biotechnology, and to get acquainted with directives of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). In the tutorials, the students should develop the capabilities of analysis and resolution of problems based on the presentation and discussion of scientific articles.



Júlia Costa, Cristina Silva Pereira, and Ana Sofia Coroadinha

Number of credits



The evaluation will have a written component (60%) and another component based on continuous evaluation of the tutorial sessions (40%).

Program and Calendar

FB Program 2013 [*.PDF]

Full description

FB Curricular Unit File [*.PDF]



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Frontiers in Biotechnology

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