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Research Training

In this course the student will be exposed to research at international, advanced level, performed in the laboratory of his/her supervisor(s). The objective is to teach the practice of research, by a supervised immersion of the student in his/hers PhD research plan within this(e) laboratory(es). He/she will become familiar with the scientific area, and will be able to plan original research jointly with the supervisor(s). Another objective of this course is that the student presents and defends before a jury the objectives and methodology that will be used to make an original scientific work. A report containing the preliminary results obtained during the course should also be given.


Cláudio Manuel Soares / Ricardo Louro, Additionally, the heads of the laboratories where the student receives the lab rotation will also be involved.

Number of credits



Assessment of this course will have three components:

  1. Continuous assessment by the supervisor(s) of the student – 50%.
  2. Assessment of the report of the research project. This assessment will be made by the supervisor(s) of the student – 25%.
  3. Assessment of the presentation of the preliminary results and work plan leading to the PhD thesis. This will be assessed by at least one of the people in charge for this course – 25%.


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Research Training

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