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Science, Culture and Society

The Science, Culture and Society curricular unit includes classes concentrated in a module for the 1st year students, a scientific writing workshop for the 2nd or 3rd year students and an annual meeting with oral and poster communications by 2nd and 4rd year students. PhD students are further encouraged to participate in the institute’s outreach activities.

This unit has the following objectives:

i) Foster the ability of students to communicate scientific issues in different formats and to different types of audience,

ii) Encourage students to look at science from different perspectives by getting acquainted with disciplines such as philosophy of science, history of science and sociology of science,

iii) Reflect on the ethics of science and technology, including the importance of a responsible conduct in research and laboratory safety issues and,

iv) Present career options to students when completing their PhD creating opportunities for networking.


Ana Sanchez / Ligia O. Martins

Number of credits



The evaluation of the SCS curricular unit will be based in a continuous evaluation based on the participation in the proposed activities (40%), the quality of a written summary of the PhD thesis in lay terms (20%), a poster presentation (20%) and an oral presentation (20%) at the ITQB’s student meeting.

Program and Calendar

SCS Program 2013 [*.PDF]

Full description

SCS Curricular Unit File [*.PDF] 



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Science, Culture and Society

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