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Trends in Microbial and Cell Biology


A student enrolling in this course will become familiar with the cell biology of different biological systems. By providing a broad overview of the field, this curricular unit aims to promote the development of skills and competences allowing an integrated approach to biological questions. Different aspects of cell organization and function will be covered in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. It is expected that the student will also become familiar with the novel methodologies or tools being used in this research field (e.g. modern real-time microscopic techniques and deep sequencing).

The course is organized into two different components. Students will attend lectures aimed to empower them with fundamental concepts of biological processes ubiquitous to every cell: cellular organization, transcription and stability of mRNA, chromosome dynamics, regulation of metabolic processes, organization and regulation of the cell cycle. Additionally, the student will be given the opportunity to tune the course to topics of her/his interest through the attendance of a minimum of two tutorials under the guidance of ITQB researchers that are specialists in different areas of microbial and cell biology. The number of students per tutor will permit the tutorial to be adapted to the background and goals of each student.



Célia Miguel and Jaime Mota

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The evaluation will have three components: a written component (35%) consisting in a two-page project proposal aiming at a scientific question related with this curricular unit; the oral presentation of the project proposal (35%); and tutorials (30%).

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