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1st ITQB Phd Students' Meeting - 21/22 October 2010

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The First ITQB PhD Students' Meeting is the first gathering of all the doctoral students enrolled at ITQB, organized by the students.

We have strived to put together a symposium that would appeal to the most varied interests of the ITQB PhD student population with the hope that this symposium could also appeal to some of the more senior member of ITQB and to the scientific population in general.

The PhD Students' Meeting will take place between 21-22 October 2010 and will include a wide arrange of subjects from Biology, to Chemistry to Technology. This meeting is an opportunity for ITQB PhD students to present and discuss their work and to promote scientific spirit. Additionally, we will have other talks, by national and foreign top scientists, that will certainly inspire the audience and set as an example for how much a scientist can influence the world through quality research. Students are also invited to reflect together on their career perspectives, in a round table, where former ITQB PhD students with distinct career paths will share their experiences and  stimulate discussion.


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