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[IMpaCT Webinar] Erythrocyte membrane remodelling and destruction by malaria parasites

Professor Helen Saibil

When 21 Oct, 2020 from
02:00 pm to 03:00 pm
Where ITQB NOVA Virtual Auditorium
Contact Name José Brito
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Within the scope of "IMpaCT - imaging life from molecules to cells - building knowledge on cryo-electron microscopy methodologies at ITQB NOVA", we would like to invite you to our second Seminar next October 21st  (Wednesday), at 2pm (PT time) to hear our expert speaker Professor Helen Saibil.

The seminar will be held by zoom webinar. Please find the link below:


Title: Erythrocyte membrane remodelling and destruction by malaria parasites

Speaker: Professor Helen Saibil, Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, Birkbeck College London

Abstract: In the clinical phase of malaria infection, the parasite cells (merozoites) invade their host erythrocytes and create an intracellular vacuole, inside which they replicate. In addition, they modify the erythrocyte membrane to create sites of adhesion to endothelia, the cause of severe clinical disease in Plasmodium falciparum cases. When the daughter parasites are mature, after about 48 h, they need to break through both vacuole and erythrocyte membranes in order to invade new erythrocytes. The process by which they escape ("egress") is a highly ordered sequence of secretion, activation and proteolytic events, culminating in explosive release of the new parasites for the next round of infection.We have used video microscopy, electron and X-ray tomography along with mutants and pharmacological blockers of different steps in egress, to study membrane disruption and breakage during the process of egress. This work has revealed new steps in egress and an unexpected role for the major merozoite surface complex MSP1.

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