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New Invention




STEP 1:  Tell the KTTO

If you have a technology that you believe may have commercial potential, the first step is to get in touch with the KTTO.

STEP 2: Fill in an Invention Disclosure Form

All researchers with potentially commercialisable research results should fill out a confidential Invention Disclosure form (IDF) to be provided by the KTTO. The IDF asks for the names of all inventors, a brief description of the invention, funding sources, and potential commercial applications of the technology.

Any premature public disclosure of your invention will negatively impact the ability to obtain a patent. The submittal of an Invention Disclosure should precede any publication or oral presentation that describes the invention.

STEP 3: Feedback and action plan

The KTTO will assess the market potential of your results and technologies, and the best way to protect and commercialize them, and will get back to you with feedback.

Importantly, publication or presentation of valuable results and inventions that have not been duly secured can severely affect their potential for commercialization. Therefore, talk to us soon, well before any public disclosure is made or planned.





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