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To enquire about prices, please contact:

UniMS Direction  or



Only available within ITQB:

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Please note
When the results of services provided by the UniMS are subjected to publication, an acknowledgement/reference must be added in the adequate section. An example of the text that should be added is: “MS data provided/obtained by the UniMS – Mass Spectrometry Unit, ITQB/iBET, Oeiras, Portugal”.

ITQB is a node partner of the RNEM network, please acknowledge to RNEM when applicable (for work developed in LTQ equipment).



RNEM was established in 2006, under the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) national re-equipment program.

RNEM was recently recommended for inclusion in the FCT's Research Infrastructures Roadmap in category 1 (ref. ROTEIRO/0028/2013).


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