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Projects as PI


  • POCTI/AGR/39371/2001 “Enterococci in Food: Antibiotics and Safety”. 2002-2005.


  • POCI/CVT/59636/2004 "Antibiotic stress by vancomycin on enterococci: risk assessment of food safety". 2005-2008.


  • POCI/BIA-BCM/60643/2004 "Sense and sensibility: looking for the missing link in lactic acid bacteria stress response pathways". 2005-2008.


  • PTDC/CVT/67270/2006 “Virulence of food enterococci: adding new peaces to the puzzling subject of enterococci as opportunistic pathogens”.2007-2010.


Projects in collaboration


  • Assessment of virulence potential of enterococcal food isolates. Cooperation Portugal/France- Programa Pessoa 2006/2007.


  • Large scale screening of potential key factors involved in the commensalism/virulence transition of Enterococcus faecalis. Era-Net Pathogenomics Project , with other four European teams from France, Spain and Germany. 2007-2010.


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