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Biomolecular Diagnostic


The Biomolecular Diagnostic Laboratory (BDL) from ITQB is a multidisciplinary research group specialized in the development of instruments and applications for biotechnological use, involving the study of cell behavior, cell growing, protein purification and models for permeation assays of pharmacological compounds.

The development of devices and specific instruments for biosensing applications has been also an important area of research in our group. Previous project have been in the production of chips for single cell analysis (hybrid microfluidic chip interrogation of cell optical and impedance properties; single cell analysis by special designed traps, cell migration platforms, in chip plant cell studies).

In this moment we are working in the development of a non-invasive method based on analysis of sweat for application in human diagnostics. Metabolomic studies of the samples are carried out as well as identification of the analites with physiological relevance. The collection and manipulation of the sample subject is also under study.

The group is also growing human epidermis as a strategy towards producing skin models for test usage, avoiding the use of animal test for assay of drugs. The optimization of the culturing conditions as well as the intrinsic characteristics of the produced skin are under study, aiming to improve the barrier capacity of the epidermis and to explore the potential of these in vitro skin constructs as 3D models for drug screening.


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