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Biomolecular Diagnostic


The Biomolecular Diagnosis Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research group with experience in animal cell culture, microfluidics, nanoparticle synthesis for drug-delivery and organ-on-a-chip development.

Lately the group has developed a fully humanised 3D skin model; suitable for physiological studies. The 3D skin produced (in vitro and in a skin-on-a chip) has a relevant role for replacing the animal testing in the laboratory. This model provide an useful tool for physiological assays,  preclinical studies of human drugs,  therapeutic responses in disease and permeation assays of pharmacological compounds

Disease models like the in vitro 3D melanoma model, inflammation or ARSACS skin are example of disease models in progress. The development of an original skin-on-a-chip system has allowed the recapitulation of a 3D complete dermis-epidermis tissue inside the micro-chambers with apical and basal perfusion. Skin-on-a-Chip can play a very important role in research, particularly in studies focused on cellular and molecular physiological mechanisms of regulation and drug action in human tissue, opening the path to apply in personalised medicine.

Previous experience of the group has been in the development of biosensors and immunoassays applications for diagnostic and study of tick born diseases (i.e. Babesia spp, Theileria spp) and the design and construction of microfluidic devices for cell handling, analysis and sorting in chips.



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