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Manuel Nuno Melo
Lab Head

Multiscale Modeling Lab — MOSTMICRO Unit

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ITQB NOVA — Office 6.25A
Av. da República
2780-157 Oeiras


NWO VENI and Marie Curie Fellow at the Molecular Dynamics Group of the University of Groningen. Ph.D at the Physical Biochemistry group, University of Lisbon.



Marcin Makowski

Marcin is a PhD student in collaboration with the Nuno Santos Lab at the Institute of Molecular Medicine, working on the aggregation and activity of specific antimicrobial peptides on anionic membranes.


Luís Araújo

Luís is a PhD student in collaboration with the Fábio Fernandes Lab at Instituto Superior Técnico. He is working on ion interactions of phosphatydilinositol phospholipids.


Ana Catarina Narciso

Catarina is a Master's student in collaboration with the Federico Herrera Lab, with focus on the characterization of protein complementation.


Past Members

Clément Arnarez

Clément joined the group after his PhD at the University of Groningen and a postdoctoral period at the University of Delaware. He worked on lipid-lipid and ligand-protein interactions.


Guilherme Razzera

Guilherme spent a year at the group working on protein-lipid and lipid-lipid interactions, while on a sabbatical from his duties at Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina.


Nestor Wendt

Nestor obtained his Masters' from the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. He joined the group for a project on coarse-grain cell wall modeling.


Robin Heiringhoff

Robin did an ERASMUS internship at the lab, at the end of his graduation from Heidelberg University. He worked on coercing AMPs to form pores in membranes.


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