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FCT Project PTDC/BAA-AGR/30447/2017 (2018-2021) "Aspartic Proteases from Cynara cardunculus L.: study of gene expression and establishment of alternative production platforms". Coordinator: Rita Abranches


COST Action CA16212 (2017-2021) "Impact of Nuclear Domains On Gene Expression and Plant Traits". Management Committee Member: Rita Abranches


ERA-NET Project ERA-IB-2 (2013-2016) "PRODuCE: Tailor-made expression hosts depleted in protease activity for recombinant protein production". Portuguese coordinator: Rita Abranches


FCT Project PTDC/BIA-PLA/2411/2012 (2013-2015) "Epigenetic modulation of transgene expression in plant cell cultures for the improved production of recombinant proteins". Coordinator: Rita Abranches


FCT Project PTDC/BIA-PLA/3432/2012 (2013-2015) "Plant strategies for detection of the inflamatory bacterial peptidoglycan molecule". Coordinator: Sérgio Filipe


FCT Project PTDC/AGR-GPL/121536/2010 (2012-2015) "Implications of uncertain transgene insertion in maize: effect in protein-coding and non-coding regulatory genes". Coordinator: Eugénia Andrade


COST Action FA0804 (2008-2013) "Molecular farming: plants as a production platform for high value proteins". National delegate and Management Committee Member: Rita Abranches


FCT Project PTDC/AGR-GPL/114949/2009 (2011-2014) "The pathogen’s perspective of molecular plant-microbe interactions: genes expressed during the infection process of coffee leaf rust - Hemileia vastatrix". Coordinator: Pedro Talhinhas


Interbio Collaborative Project 2011 "Investigating the subcellular trafficking of human recombinant proteins expressed in plants". Coordinators: Rita Abranches ITQB and José María Seguí Universitat Politecnica de Valencia

FCT Project PTDC/BIA-BCM/64215/2006."Chromatin remodelling and abiotic stress responses in rice". Coordinator: Ana Paula Santos, Plant Genetic Engineering Lab, ITQB.


Accao Integrada Luso-Britanica CRUP Windsor Treaty N. B-22/09 "Chromatin dynamics and cellular differentiation in Arabidopsis thaliana". Coordinators: Rita Abranches, ITQB; Peter Shaw, John Innes Centre, UK.


FCT Project POCTI/BIA-BCM/55762/2004 "Transgenic plants as models to study regulation of transgene expression and recombinant protein deposition". Coordinator: Rita Abranches


CRUP Acção Integrada Luso-Espanhola 2005-2006 nºE-63/05 "Epigenetic patterns, gene expression and subcellular fate of recombinant proteins in transgenic plants" in collaboration with Dr Pablo Gonzalez-Melendi, CSIC Madrid, Spain


CRUP Acção Integrada Luso-Alemã 2003-2004 nºA-9/03 "Establishment and characterization of a plant expression system for production of human recombinant proteins" in collaboration with Dr Eva Stoger, Universtity of Aachen, Germany

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