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Maria Carlota Vaz Patto Lab

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The Genetics and Genomics of Plant Complex Traits (PlantX) Laboratory develops research on molecular quantitative genetics applied to plant breeding. We want to identify genes controlling complex interesting traits, such as end-user quality (nutritional/health beneficial, organoleptic, processing), resistance to biotic (fungal diseases) and abiotic (drought) stresses on cereals and legumes (maize, common bean and grass pea) of national interest. This will allow us to develop control models, scientific methods and molecular tools to assist quality and resistance precision breeding programs.

We make use of different statistical genomics approaches, such as Linkage analysis, Genome-Wide Association and Genetical-Genomics, based on extensive DNA marker fingerprinting, transcriptional profiling and quantitative traits phenotyping.

Overall we are interested in exploiting the potential of national underused plant germplasm as source of interesting breeding traits and contribute indirectly to enhance its cultivation, increasing national food security and sustainability of agricultural systems.


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