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The organizing and scientific committees of PADiBa 2017 are pleased to welcome the third symposium in Oeiras at ITQB-NOVA, Portugal.

Plant science has never been more important, and the work of Plant Scientists is crucial to our long-term survival. Global challenges including the production of abundant safe and nutritious food, shelter, clothes, fiber, renewable energy and medicine can only be met if a strong fundamental understanding of plant biology and ecology, and translation of this knowledge into field-based solutions is achieved. The International Symposium on Plant Apoplastic Diffusion Barriers: Biosynthesis and Functions (PADiBa) aims to promote exchange of novelties and ideas between scientists working on the structure, biosynthesis, biological and physical properties of apoplastic diffusion barriers. These barriers are essential for plant development and protect plants from environmental stress (heat and water stress, resistance to bioagressors, interaction with atmospheric and water pollutants). Consequently, they play a crucial role on crop production and quality as well as on the development of a sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture, specifically under a climate change scenario.

This symposium comprises three days of technical and poster sessions on cutting edge issues related to this thematic; there are also many opportunities for networking and socializing with our colleagues.

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