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One World, one Health

Integrative approaches in Structural Biology and cryo-Microscopy


“One World – one Health: Integrative approaches in Structural Biology and cryo-Microscopy” is a network that integrates 11 groups from seven countries (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Portugal and Spain) using integrated Structural Biology as a main tool to develop research in the Health area.

Crystallography, Cryo Electron Microscopy (cryoEM) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), reveal the three-dimensional structure of biological macromolecules allowing the visualisation of their organisation at atomic level, and helping to better understand their function, mechanism of action and detailed interaction with other partners and/or ligands.

The project is focused on biological macromolecules, namely proteins from pathogenic agents, such as bacteria, parasites and viruses. The groups in this consortium provide cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise, with interests in developing potential vaccines, diagnostic tools and drugs to treat infectious diseases or epidemics. The synergies will allow us to increase our capacities to formulate more effective vaccines and to conceive promising therapeutic molecules for the current research models, and so intervene in human and animal pathologies both prophylactically and therapeutically, expecting a significant impact in the health area.

This network aims to strengthen the collaboration between their members and facilitate the transfer of technologies between Ibero-Americans groups of complementary area. Through mobility, collaborative work and participation in courses and workshops the network will promote training of students and young researchers.


The objectives of this project are :

1) to train human resources in structural biology technologies especially cryoEM, by organizing courses with different stakeholders and potential users, awarding scholarships for students/researchers to workshops and stimulating the mobility of its members through internships and exchanges between elements of different groups;

2) to share good practices between structural biology research infrastructures in Europe and Latin-America (LA);

3) to facilitate access of CeBEM members and LA researchers to European facilities and cryoEM Centers equipped with powerful microscopes via Instruct-ERIC.

This thematic network is funded by Cyted , an Ibero-American Programme on Science and Technology for Development, created by the governments of Ibero-American countries in order to promote cooperation in science, technology and innovation for the harmonious development of Ibero-American countries.


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