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Work groups


ONEIDA will benefit from the longstanding experience, track-record and competences in research on bacterial infections of three Portuguese Research Units ITQB NOVA, IGC and IMM.


Adriano Henriques Lab - Microbial Development

Ana Varela Coelho Lab - Proteomics of Non-Model Organisms

Cecília Arraiano Lab - Control of Gene Expression

Helena Santos Lab - Cell Physiology and NMR

Hermínia de Lencastre Lab - Molecular Genetics

Isabel Abreu - UniMS Mass Spectrometry

Renata Ramalho - Communication Office

Manolis Matzapetakis Lab - Biomolecular NMR

Maria Miragaia Lab - Bacterial Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology

Mariana Pinho Lab - Bacterial Cell Biology

Pedro Lamosa - CERMAX NMR facility

Raquel Sá Leão Lab - Molecular Microbiology of Human Pathogens

Sérgio Filipe Lab - Bacterial Cell Surfaces and Pathogenesis


Ana Sousa Lab - Human Immunodeficiency & Immune Reconstitution

Luísa Figueiredo Lab - Biology of Parasitism

Maria Mota Lab - Biology & Physiology of Malaria

Mário Ramirez Lab - Molecular Microbiology & Infection

Carlos Penha Gonçalves Lab - Disease Genetics

Bioinformatics Unit

Isabel Gordo Lab - Evolutionary Biology

Ivo Chelo Lab - Eco-Evolutionary Genetics

Jocelyne Demengeot Lab - Lymphocyte Physiology

Jorg Becker Lab - Plant Genetics

Karina Xavier Lab - Bacterial Signaling

Luís Teixeira Lab - Host-Microorganism Interactions

Pedro Fernandes - Gulbenkian Training Programme in Bioinformatics 

Genomics Unit

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