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Research Interests

Sustainable or Green Chemistry aims to make the chemicals, and related, industries both environmentally and economically sustainable. It encompasses a range of activities, such as making biodegradable products, sourcing chemicals from renewable resources and/or making chemicals processes more efficient in energy and less wasteful in materials.
I am interested in using studying solvents to improve chemical processes. I was interested in perfluorinated solvents as respiratory gases vectors, both from the academic and the applied point of view. I have worked with sustainable polymers, namely poly(lactic acid) and biodiesel, all with a view to the development of sustainable solvent technologies . Currently I am very much interested the booming field of Ionic Liquids, on their characterization and application. I believe that my work has made a contribution in this area.
The central academic aim of my research is to understand solvents and solvency processes and to find how these can influence solutes properties. I traditionally use experimental techniques to search for effects and insights on liquid structure, neighbourhoods and specific interactions.

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