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Gender equality Working Group


Who we Are

Ana Petronilho
Group Coordinator

Group leader Bioorganometallic Chemistry

Nuno Monteiro 

Head of Maintenance

Isabel Abreu 

Group leader Proteome Regulation in Plants and Head of UNiMS facility

Guillem Hernandez 

PhD student in the laboratory of Dynamic Structural Biology

Ana Sanchez 

Head of Advanced Training

Jordi Beas

PostDoc in the laboratory of Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogen Resistance


Group Aim

The Gender Equality Working Group (GEWG) was created in 2019 with the aim to:

  • Assess general gender balance issues at ITQB NOVA.
  • Implement training on gender aspects at ITQB NOVA.
  • Promote discussion among the ITQB NOVA community on gender equality.



Stay tuned for updates

Past activities



Comissão para a Cidadania e Igualdade de Género

ACT Consortium 

Spear Consortium 

Gender Academy

Linguagem Inclusiva

Gender Decoder

Manual de Linguagem Inclusiva

NOVA Gender Equality Plan .pdf


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