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rules and services


rules and admission


During opening hours (14h to 17h) the library is open to the public. All users agree to comply with the library's rules. The user is responsible for its acts inside the library.

:: Internal users – can access the library with their ITQB NOVA/IBET card after closing time. The card stands for the Library card and is needed to request books on loan.

:: External users – Visiting users have to identify themselves at the security desk before coming to the library.

In order to make the library experience pleasant to all users, and to protect its books and equipment, the Library has instituted the following rules:

  • Eating and drinking is prohibited in the Library
  • Cell phones should be turned off
  • The sound on laptops and other electronic devices should be turned down


Please do not leave valuables unattended.


loan rules


Only ITQB NOVA card holders can have books on loan. Each user may loan, upon presentation of his identification card, up to 5 books for one week.

Reference material, journals and compact discs are not available for loan.

  • The user is considered responsible for any damage inflicted on books loaned and will cost their restoration.
  • The loss of or the irrecoverable damage caused to a book implies its immediate replacement or restitution of its present value.
  • Books not returned within two months will be considered lost.
  • The library may interrupt a loan if the book is in high demand or if it is required urgently. The book will be recovered for consultation
  • and returned to the reader afterwards.
  • Renewals can be made by phone (ext.1256) or e-mail. The reader may not renew loan in case of books in heavy demand.




Internal users can request for InterLibrary Loan whenever a book or article is not available in the library. The request can be made using the ITQB request form. All requests will be processed every Friday.

External users can request articles (for studying purposes) to our library by e-mail. Copies are sent without charges.


library profile (2021)


Reader accommodation:

  • 19 seats
  • 1/2 computers
  • wireless internet connection (provided by FCCN)


  • journals – 141 titles
  • online journals – more than 4.000 titles though b-on national
  • books – 1634 titles


  • To request a Key for a Locker please contact the Library Responsible
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