9th short course of the
Portuguese Biophysical Society

Protein folding, misfolding and disease

  8-10 October 2010, Convento de S. Francisco, Santarém

Organizing Committee : A. S. Fernandes (IBMC-UP), J. C. Marcos (DQ-UM), L. O. Martins (ITQB-UNL), M. M. Pereira (ITQB-UNL), M. Prieto (CQFM/IST-UTL), A. Salvador (CNC-UC), N. C. Santos (IMM-FMUL), C. M. Soares (ITQB-UNL),  G. Soveral (REQUIMTE, FFUL)

Program and speakers

Understanding protein folding is a long-standing problem in biology, which, despite many years of research, is still much unknown. Research in protein folding, besides its central basic research interest, has implications in many fields with societal interest, such as health (folding diseases, such as Alzheimer's) and biotechnology (protein stabilization and design).
This course aims at providing a general perspective of the research in protein folding, as well as in its applications. Topics range from experimental to theoretical approaches, including the contextualization of folding diseases in the clinical area.
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