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[Seminar] Plant Sciences: Discover, Innovate, communicate with Society

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Marc Van Montagu, Ghent University, Belgium

When 07 Mar, 2016 at 11:30 am
Where Auditorium
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Title: Plant Sciences: Discover, Innovate, communicate with Society

Speaker: Marc Van Montagu

Affiliation: Ghent University, Belgium

Host: Plants for Life PhD Program


Prof. Montagu, together with his colleague Prof. Jeff Schell,  discovered the gene transfer mechanism between Agrobacterium and plants, which resulted in the development of methods to alter Agrobacterium into an efficient delivery system for gene engineering and to create transgenic plants. These findings paved the way for the tremendous development in plant sciences during the last 30 years.  Prof. Montagu was awarded the “World Food Prize 2013”. The World Food Prize, the “Nobel Prize for food and agriculture”, gives the award annually to one or more people whose work has been of exceptional social importance for the quality, quantity or availability of food. Prof. Montagu is the most recognised Plant Scientist alive and is therefore a great honor to have him at ITQB.


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