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Baixa, or downtown Lisbon, is the heart of the city. It is the main shopping and banking district that stretches from the riverfront to the main avenue (Avenida da Liberdade), with streets named according to the shopkeepers and craftsmen who traded in the area. It was completely rebuilt after the Great Earthquake of 1755 with streets flanked by uniform, neoclassical buildings. This was Europe's first great example of neoclassical design and urban planning, and one of the finest European architectural achievements of the age (

Here, we purpose a 5 km walk in which you can see some of the most historical and beautiful monuments and views of the city (click the monument icons for more information).



The glories of Portugal's explorers and the Age of Discovery is celebrated in this area of the city. It was from here that many of the great Portuguese explorers embarked on their voyages of discovery. During this time Lisbon flourished with riches pouring into Portugal and saw the construction of great monuments like the Belem Tower and Jeronimos Monastery. Today these monuments and their surrounding museums are essential viewing for any visitor (


The futuristic architecture of Eastern Lisbon riverfront is a complete contrast to the city's old quarters. Most of it was built by innovative architects for Expo 98, the World Fair that took place in Portugal's capital between May and September of 1998 (