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Interbio brought together research centers, technology platforms and companies from the Barcelona, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Toulouse and Valencia regions with the main objective to develop interdisciplinary research in the interface between chemistry and life/health sciences.




As a consortium of research institutions from Southwest Europe, Interbio was funded for 2.5 years in 1.9 million euros under SUDOE Programme.

Promote interdisciplinary research collaborations, gather expertise and optimize access to technological platforms, and support technology transfer and social utilization of knowledge, namely through SMEs were the main goals of Interbio.


ITQB participated in 15 collaborative projects with members of all the other INTERBIO nodes and organized different international events at ITQB: a Seminars series, the Symposia 'Frontiers in Chemical Biology' and ‘Frontiers in Protein Research' , the INTERBIO Summer School and a Workshop about science communication.

In total, over 300 researchers from southwest Europe participated in the Portuguese events, learning about the institute and its research, and reinforcing the importance of stable cooperation networks for innovation and technological development in Life Sciences.

ITQB has also produced the Inventory of Transnational Project Calls for the INTERBIO Region and participated on the Technology Platforms brochure and on the white paper "From Research to Market: Key issues of Technology transfer from Public Research Centres to Businesses".


NEW INTERBIO- ITQB presentation


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