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Open session

Communication to the public: the role of researchers



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Thursday 22 March 2012


Session included in the Interbio workshop
“Two faces of science communication: peers and lay audiences”


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 Science Communication to the Public - Presentations

Why should science be popularized?
Baudouin Jurdant
Université Paris 7 (Paris, France)


Science communication for learning
Carlos Catalão Alves
Ciência Viva (Lisboa, Portugal)

11h00-11h30Coffee break

Building public engagement in science: the role of researchers
Vladimir de Semir
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain)

12h15-13h00DIY Communication
José Vitor Malheiros
Science communication consultant / Newspaper columnist

Science communication: Facing the highs and lows
Nathalie Caplet
Cap Sciences (Bordeaux, France)


The many ways of science communication
Vicent Martinez
Observatori Astronòmic de la Universitat de València (Valencia, Spain)

15h30-16h00Coffee break

The scientists are truly eager to be understood by the public. Truly?
Olivier Moch
Science Animation Midi-Pyrénées (Toulouse, France)


Discussion: Science Communication: are you in?


Oeiras in the SUDOE region


Brief presentations of the Interbio project, the SUDOE programme, and the Oeiras Valley and their importance in interregional development

ITQB, Luis Paulo N. Rebelo; Interbio, Miguel S. Teixeira; IFDR, José Anadia; AITEC Oeiras, Paula Osório; Câmara Municipal de Oeiras (to be confirmed)

17h30 Cocktail



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