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B-LigZymes is an international, interdisciplinary and intersectorial H2020 RISE project that directly addresses current limitations in lignin degradation by generating technological and economical solutions inspired by fundamental research. B-LigZymes provides a holistic view for the development of biocatalytic processes involved inthe valorisation of lignin.

The B-LigZymes consortium is composed of 7 academic organizations, 5 of which are located in Europe (Portugal (ITQB NOVA), The Netherlands (RUG), Italy (UNIVE, UNIRO) and Germany(TUBS)), 1 in the United States (NCSU) and 1 in Argentina (INQUIMAE), and and 3 non-academic organizations located in Spain (Zymvol), Netherlands (GECCO) and Finland (METGEN). The B-LigZymes programme foster collaborations across sectors, disciplines and countries and a shared culture of research & innovation (R&I) that welcomes and rewards creativity and entrepreneurship. The existent complementarity among Beneficiary Organizations and partners enables bi-directional international and intersectorial staff exchanges and the sharing of knowledge and ideas from research to market and vice-versa.

These activities will be additionally nurtured by wide network training events, such as workshops, where the contribution of members with different expertise will bring a synergistic effect. Overall, the networking activities proposed will allow research members to develop new R&I and transferable skills that will boost future career opportunities, strengthening Europe's human capital, competitiveness and growth and, contributing for a knowledge-based economy and society, in accordance to the expected objectives and impact of the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)'s  call.







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