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Advances in Chemistry and Structural Biology

The objective of this unit is to convey the importance of chemical and structural studies to the understanding of biological and chemical processes at a molecular level, as well as to introduce several technologies and experimental approaches used in Structural Biology and Biological Chemistry studies. We aim to broaden the student’s basic formation, which is usually either focused on Chemistry or Biology, in order to make them understand the need and importance of the cross-talk between the two areas and their respective valencies. After this unit the student should have developed the capacity to understand and analyse scientific papers based on chemical or structural studies, and come to recognise the potential of this type of studies for the research on a biological problem, namely during his PhD work.



Beatriz Royo and Manuela M. Pereira

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The evaluation will have a component based on a final written work (45%) and another component based on performance in tutorials and presentations (55%).

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ACSB Program 2013

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Advances in Chemistry and Structural Biology

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