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Master in Biochemistry for Health



Dissertation Submission

Deadline and location for Master thesis hand-in
(students from 1st stage enrollment):

5:00 pm of September 24, 2018 at the ITQB NOVA Academics Office.


Number of copies:
One thesis copy for each jury member.

Documents for Master Thesis defense:

  • Request form for public defense of Master thesis (Template)
  • Dissertation title (Template)
  • Proposal for Main Opponent (Template)
  • CV
  • Copy of ID card or passport
  • Declaration from supervisor and co-supervisor, or supervisor link (if there is one).
  • Authorization for deposit in the NOVA University Repository (Template)

The date for Master thesis defense will be set after thesis approval by the jury.

Note: The Master thesis should be written according to ITQB NOVA rules for Master Dissertations including covers.

Master Course Coordinator:
Teresa Catarino

Scientific Comission:
ITQB NOVA: Pedro Matias
FCT NOVA: Teresa Catarino
NMS | FCM: António Sebastião Rodrigues

Pedagogic Comission:
ITQB NOVA: Margarida Archer
FCT NOVA: Alice Pereira

Melanie Santos Matos (1º ano)
Joana Campainhas Bastos (2º ano)

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