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Master in Biochemistry for Health



Dissertation Submission

Deadline and location for Master thesis hand-in
(students from 1st stage enrollment):

November 2020, 5:00 pm or March 2021, at the ITQB NOVA Academics Office.


Number of copies:
1 PDF of the thesis.

Documents for Master Thesis defense:

  • Request form for public defense of Master thesis (Template)
  • Dissertation title (Template)
  • Proposal for Main Opponent (Template)
  • CV
  • Copy of ID card or passport
  • Declaration from supervisor and co-supervisor, or supervisor link (if there is one).
  • Authorization for deposit in the NOVA University Repository (Template)

The date for Master thesis defense will be set after thesis approval by the jury.

Note: The Master thesis should be written according to ITQB NOVA rules for Master Dissertations including covers.


Teresa Catarino (

Scientific Commission

ITQB NOVA: Pedro Matias (
FCT NOVA: Teresa Catarino (
NMS | FCM: António Sebastião Rodrigues (

Pedagogical Comission

Maria Teresa Nunes Mangas Catarino (coordenadora do MBpS)
Maria Alice Santos Pereira (Professora Auxiliar da FCT)
Ana Maria de Jesus Bispo Varela Coelho (Investigadora do ITQB)

Cláudia Margarida Malta Luís (matriculada no 1º ano do MBpS)
Cristiana Teixeira Manuel (matriculada no 2º ano do MBpS)


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