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What our students say about their experience in MolBioS

MolBioS PhD students come from diverse backgrounds but share an enthusiasm for science.



Miguel Guerreiro, MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics

What I like the most about MolBioS is the variety of themes we are exposed to in the core units. The lab rotations are also helpful to understand how different groups work, to experiment different areas and to establish collaborations.
The fact that ITQB NOVA belongs to a large university and that we have access to the courses of the NOVA Doctoral School is yet another way to broaden our horizons.

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Catarina Pinto, MSc in Molecular Biology and Genetics

In the MolBioS PhD Program I like the contact with other areas of research and other people who work here. It makes it easier later on when we need to contact the researchers during our PhD work.
I really like the location of ITQB NOVA: the sea close by and nice places to go to at the end of the day.

Pedro Fernandes, MSc in Microbiology

What I enjoyed most about the course was the challenge to work in areas I didn’t master. Dealing with researchers from different areas helps us to integrate in the ITQB NOVA community.
This is an excellent place to do research, with great conditions, and the institute has a very pleasant location. So, it’s awesome!
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Ana Raquel Pereira, MSc in Applied Microbiology

The course is really well organized. The fact that we have to make presentations about different topics makes us leave our comfort zone.
Lab rotations are a great way to learn about different areas and really prepare students for making their choice of the PhD work. I've worked in other laboratories before and, now that I'm back in the lab, I realize that ITQB NOVA excels when compared to other places, even abroad.

Carolina Cassona, MSc in Medical Microbiology

What I liked most about the classes was to work with other students who were in the same stage as me. I think the rhythm of the program teaches us how to select what is most important when reading papers, for example, and that is helpful when we’re developing our own research projects.
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Raquel Vinhas, MSc in Cellular Biology

I worked in the industry and I chose this PhD program because I felt it was a good entrance point back to academia. Each curricular unit took us to the limit (limits we didn’t know we could reach), which was good because it raised the bar for us. My advice to new students would be to make the most of the classes. Many times it is in the interaction with different areas that one finds inspiration. Maybe find a niche that no one has explored before.
The interaction with the whole group was very good. I really felt like home.

Sofia Carvalho, MSc in Biochemistry

My advice to students interested in applying to MolBioS would be come with an open mind. I think that is important and it was important to me. There are plenty of opportunities and one should look at them properly. The PhD is a big commitment and you have to be happy with your choices.
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