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Course Structure

The MolBiolS program recognizes individual interests and requirements in the context of a PhD. After a core training period designed to provide a broad scientific background, train professional skills and promote entrepreneurship, students taylor their individual curriculum by choosing between four different Profiles: Biopharmaceutical Technology, Molecular Mechanisms of Biological Processes, Molecular Microbiology and Infection Biology, and Plants for Life.

The program totals 240 credits (ECTS); most (210 ECTS) correspond to the PhD thesis and the remaining 30 ECTS correspond to curricular units, distributed in core trainig (15 weeks | 10 curricular units) and specific training profile (5 weeks | 5 curricular units). Students may replace up to two curricular units with those of a different Profile. 

Before choosing the profile, students become acquainted with the science made at the host institutions in short lab rotations.

Thesis Work







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