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Students choose one laboratory affiliated with the Program to develop a research project within a competitive scientific environment. The process is accompanied by the Supervisor and the Thesis Committee. At the end, students write a PhD thesis to be presented and discussed orally with a PhD Jury.

Students are expected to achieve scientific independence and develop a critical perspective, while producing innovative research in their project area. Although supervised, the PhD research work relies heavily on the student's autonomy and creativity. This involves planning and executing research, reading scientific papers and reference books, and writing reports, publications and finally the Thesis.

The evaluation by the PhD Jury is based on the student’s performance when implementing all phases of the project, the work published, the Thesis and its presentation and public defense.


• investigate a particular research problem,

• produce original work in a specific scientific area,

• master experimental or computational techniques and technologies,

• develop skills for independent thinking,

• communicate science in a clear and concise manner.





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