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Early Career Researcher Award (ECRA)


The Early Career Research Award (ECRA) is an annual research award launched and managed by the ITQB/IBET Post-Doctoral Association (PDA).


The ECRA aims to distinguish and finance innovative and highly collaborative R&D proposals featuring frontier research between two distinct but complementary research areas.


The ECRA fosters disruptive innovation and nurtures early career researchers creativity by promoting and financing productive scientific collaboration and active engagement of early career researchers.


Previous awardees:


Curious about their feelings about ECRA and first hand experience?


The ECRA 2019/2020 (2nd edition), was attributed to the project proposal submitted by Ana Filipa Rodrigues and Sandra Viegas entitled “LentiSloop: Synthetic 5’UTR mRNA-stabilizing-elements to optimize lentiviral vector production for human gene therapy“.


The ECRA 2018/2019 (1st edition), was attributed to proposal submitted by Mónica Martins and Catarina Paquete entitled “A novel photocatalytic system for the production of added-value compounds using non photosynthetic microorganisms”.


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