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Postdocs at ITQB NOVA

Postdocs are an important part of ITQB NOVA’s research community. Currently there are over 100 postdocs working at the institute.

ITQB NOVA considers the postdoc period as an important step in the progress towards a successful professional career. This period helps to consolidate many skills acquired during the PhD and develop new ones, which are also useful in many careers besides research. In terms of a research career, the postdoc is an essential period where scientists are expected to gradually develop their independence to become ready for the next stage – setting up their own group as a junior group leader.

Working under the supervision of a more experienced researcher (typically a PI), ITQB NOVA postdocs take many responsibilities of their own, such as student supervision, paper and grant writing, and participation in scientific events. Postdocs may also be involved in the ongoing teaching activities at the Master and Doctoral level and serve as juris in Master Thesis discussions.

Postdocs are involved in the institute life and take active part in institute’s activities. Each Research Division has postdoc representatives, who ensure a concerted communication with the ITQB NOVA managerial structures. Postdocs are often called to propose and organize initiatives, such as summer schools or retreats, and have their own seminar series.

Postdocs at ITQB NOVA are funded through fellowships, obtained competitively, directly through research funding agencies or integrated within research projects. PhDs wishing to join ITQB NOVA for their postdoc should contact the lab coordinators directly to enquiry about possible opportunities. Another possibility is browsing the current fellowships available within ongoing projects.


Useful information for Postdocs at ITQB NOVA

  • Cross-institutional meeting of young researchers (post-doc retreat)

    The Third Joint Meeting of Young Researchers (19-21 October 2016) aims to bring together postdoctoral fellows of four leading biosciences research institutes in Portugal: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Instituto de Medicina Molecular (iMM), Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica António Xavier (ITQB Nova) and Champalimaud Foundation Research (CR). 

  • Postdoc Association
    Postdocs at ITQB NOVA have created an association, which organizes a number of activities.
  • NOVA Doctoral School
    Postdocs have access to soft skills courses within the NOVA Doctoral School. These include the courses Project Management, Research Data Management, Information Literacy, Intelectual Property, Social Media for Scientists and Design Thinking, and also the NOVA's Supervisors Course.
  • Mentoring
    Postdocs at ITQB NOVA are mentored by their supervisor. Additionally an external mentor may be appointed. Mentors aid postdocs in their career planning. More info soon.
  • Health
    SASNOVA provides different health services to contribute to the students' wellbeing. These services are also available to postdocs
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