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Teaching Quality


As a strategy for continuous improvement of its education activities, teaching quality is monitored closely at ITQB NOVA, following the guidelines of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

At NOVA, the system to monitor the Quality of Teaching (Sistema de Garantia de Qualidade do Ensino), allows the university to track and report on its teaching and training activities, and is an essential tool to increase its national and international recognition.


Teaching Quality Committee (TQC)


  • Mário Nuno Berberan e Santos (Prof. Catedrático do IST)


  • Júlia Costa
  • Maria Arménia Carrondo
  • Cláudio M. Soares
  • Adriano Henriques
  • Lígia Martins
  • Filipa Calisto (student)

  • Aristides Mendes (student)


ITQB NOVA Quality Committee

  • Júlia Costa (education)
  • Margarida Trindade (research)
  • Teresa Venda (services)


Quality Support Office

  • Julia Costa
  • Ana Maria Portocarrero/Isabel Murta/Ana Almada


Courses accredited by A3ES

Master in Biochemistry for Health - PDF

Master in Biotechnology for Sustainability - PDF

Master in Medical Microbiology - PDF

Master in Science Communication - PDF

PhD Program Molecular Biosciences - PDF

PhD Program Sustainable Chemistry - PDF

PhD Program Bioengineering Systems - PDF

PhD Program Integrative Biology and Biomedicine - PDF

PhD Program Neuroscience - PDF


Courses evaluated by A3ES

Master in Medical Microbiology


Teaching Quality Reports

Available only from within ITQB NOVA

PhD Program in Molecular Biosciences and
PhD Program Plants for Life


PhD Program Biology at the Host Microbe Interface


  • History of Infectious Diseases 2017/18
  • Gene Expression and Systems Biology 2017/18
  • Microbial Cell Biology 2017/18
  • Host-Microbe Interactions I 2017/18
  • Host Cell Biology 2017/18
  • Evolution and Dynamics of the HMI 2017/18
  • Immunobiology 2017/18
  • Host-Microbe Interactions II 2017/18
  • Statistics and Quantitative Biology 2017/18
  • From Diagnostic to Therapeutics of Infectious Diseases 2017/18
  • Rotation 1 2017/18
  • Rotation 2 2017/18


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