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[AVX Seminar] The senses of the choroid plexus

Cecília Reis Alves Santos, Health Sciences Faculty- University of Beira Interior Covilhã

When 04 Jun, 2020 from
11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where Zoom Webinar
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AVX Seminar

Title: The senses of the choroid plexus

Speaker: Cecília Reis Alves Santos

Affiliation: Health Sciences Faculty- University of Beira Interior

Abstract: The composition of cerebrospinal and brain interstitial fluids is ensured by barriers between the blood and thebrain parenchyma (the blood-brain barrier) and between the blood and the cerebrospinal fluid (the bloodcerebrospinal fluid barrier). Barrier function results from the combination of tight junctions between cells that impair solute flux via the paracellular pathway, cell membrane transporters that enable selective transcellular solute passage, and intracellular metabolizing enzymes that transform molecules in transit. Collectively, they comprise a chemical surveillance system, essential to protect the brain from toxicants, microorganisms, and other harmful compounds. Conversely, this chemical surveillance system compromises the brain delivery of many pharmacologic agents against brain cancer and brain metastasis, neurodegenerative diseases, and brain infections.

Despite their importance, the mechanisms underlying the regulation of the components of this chemical surveillance system in response to alterations in the composition of blood and brain fluids are still poorly understood.
We propose that odorant receptors, vomeronasal receptors and taste receptors, recently identified at brain barriers might be upstream components of this surveillance system. Recent advances that support this vision of the role of these receptors in human brain barriers will be provided

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