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[Frontier Leaders] Metal Complexes in Medicinal Chemistry | Gilles Gasser

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When 22 Feb, 2019 from
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Where Auditorium
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Frontier Leaders Seminar

Title: Metal Complexes in Medicinal Chemistry

Speaker: Gilles Gasser

Affiliation : Chimie ParisTech, Paris Sciences & Lettres (PSL) University |


Metal complexes are currently playing a tremendous role in medicine. For example, the platinum complex cisplatin and its derivatives oxaliplatin and carboplatin are employed in more than 50% of the treatment regimes for patients suffering from cancer!

Over the last years, our research group focused its attention on the development of novel metal complexes as imaging and therapeutic agents against cancer and parasitic diseases.1-6 During this talk, we will present our latest results, including in vivo results, on these topics.


Short CV:
Gilles Gasser was born, raised and educated in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. After a PhD thesis in supramolecular chemistry with Prof. Helen Stoeckli-Evans (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland), Gilles undertook two post-docs, first with the late Prof. Leone Spiccia (Monash University, Australia) in bioinorganic chemisty and then as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow with Prof. Nils Metzler Nolte (Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) in bioorganometallic chemistry. In 2010, Gilles started his independent scientific career at the University of Zurich as a Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) Ambizione Fellow before obtaining a SNSF Assistant Professorship in 2011. In 2016, Gilles moved to Chimie ParisTech, PSL University (Paris, France) to take a PSL Chair of Excellence. Gilles was the recipient of several fellowships and awards including the Alfred Werner Award from the Swiss Chemical Society, an ERC Consolidator Grant, the Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, the Jucker Award for his contribution to cancer research and recently the European BioInorganic Chemistry (EuroBIC) medal. Gilles’ research interests lay in the use of metal complexes in different areas of medicinal and biological chemistry.



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