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[SCAN] Water treatment and reuse using membrane filtration and UV photolysis

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Vanessa Pereira

When 17 Apr, 2024 from
12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Where ITQB NOVA Auditorium
Contact Name Sandra Viegas
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Title: Water treatment and reuse using membrane filtration and UV photolysis

Speaker: Vanessa Pereira 

From: iBET

Abstract: Water is essential to support life as well as to ensure the production of food and energy.

The development of effective water and wastewater treatment processes will be crucial to help the water industry cope with the inevitable challenges resulting from the increase in human population, pollution and climate change, while also ensuring the reuse of water for different applications.

In this presentation, I will describe different projects recently completed where membrane filtration, disinfection processes and the combined treatment were used by our team to produce high quality wastewater effluents that can be safely discharged in the environment or reused for irrigation.

Two different photocatalytic membrane reactors developed by our team that combine UV photolysis and membrane filtration in the same reactor will also be presented. This new advanced treatment technology can cope with several water and wastewater contaminants.

I will also describe some of our current work, focused on understanding the mechanisms of inactivation of ultraviolet light emitting diodes to develop effective water, food and surface disinfection systems and evaluating new custom-made light emitting diode panels in combination with membrane filtration to develop effective water disinfection systems.

In summary, we consider membrane filtration and UV photolysis promising technologies to guarantee sustainable water treatment and reuse, offering solutions to the pressing challenges posed by population growth, pollution, and climate change.

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