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Funding & Projects

Science Funding & Project Management

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During the last decades the number of research centres, researchers, and facilities has grown extensively, leading to a remarkable increase in scientific production. At the same time, scientific systems in the globalised world became more complex, with a multiplicity of available opportunities for research funding, transnational cooperation, networking, and mobility, altogether acting under a strong competitive environment.

To deal with this reality, science has to be managed professionally, so that existing resources are effectively used, opportunities are taken and high quality applications fit the requirements of the funding agencies.

At ITQB NOVA, we support researchers along the whole process of research funding. The Science Funding Office helps to find opportunities and prepare grants, while the Planning and Management Office supports  the management of approved projects.

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Science Funding Office


Planning & Management Office



Margarida Trindade, Coordinator

Ext: 69251


Lurdes Conceição, Coordinator 

Ext: 1229

Sara Fernandes, Manager

Ext: 69235


Cristina Amaral, Project Manager

Ext: 1227

Silvia Costa, Manager

Ext: 69235



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