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Group Members










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Neuza Teixeira, PhD Student

Neuza is foccusing her study on the role, function and mechanism by which fsr and gelE-sprE operons provide enterococci with virulence potential and ability to colonize the host. Neuza is co-supervised with Michael Gilmore.

“The microbes always has the last word” – Louis Pasteur









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Renata Matos, PhD Student

Renata is currently working on the role of E. faecalis prophages on fitness and virulence. She is co-supervised by Pascale Serror.







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Fátima Lopes, Allways a Student


"I have no special qualifications, I am just passionately curious", Albert Einstein 1952



Former Group Members

To them I say THANK YOU!

“Como todas as coisas contribuíram para o seu crescimento, você deveria incluir todas as coisas em seu agradecimento.”(Wallace Wattles, 1860-1911)

Marta Ruivo

Daniela Pinto

Tiago Amado

Sofia Santos

Tânia Ribeiro

Teresa Braga

Frederic Gaspar

Marta Abrantes




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