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Running projects at Plant Functional Genomics or in collaboration with other labs/institutions


  • 2020/2024 | "TRACE RICE - Tracing rice and valorizing side streams along mediterranean blockchain" (PRIMA - Partnership for research and innovation in the Mediterranean Area). Project Coordinator: Carla Brites (INIAV)
  • 2018/2021 | “SuberInStress - Cork formation and suberin deposition: the role of water and heat stress” (PTDC/BIA-FBT/29704/2017). Project Coordinator: M. Margarida Oliveira (Plant Functional Genomics Lab, GPlantS Unit, ITQB NOVA)
  • 2018/2021 | “RicePIFs - How do Phytocrome Interacting Factors mediate the cross-talk between light and temperature signaling in rice” (PTDC/BIA-FBT/31070/2017). Project Coordinator: Nelson Saibo (Plant Gene Regulation, GPlantS Unit, ITQB NOVA)
  • 2017/2020 | “ - Infraestrutura Portuguesa de dados biológicos” (LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-022231). Project Coordinator: Ana Portugal Melo (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência).


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