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Microbial & Enzyme Technology Lab



Industrial Biotechnology represents a cutting-edge approach harnessing the power of enzymes and microorganisms to craft industrial chemicals, consumer goods, energy, and fuels from renewable sources. These processes offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional manufacturing methods. Lignocellulosic biomass, the Earth's most abundant organic resource, is central to this endeavor. Its decomposition involves a diverse array of enzymatic activities and chemical reactions, inspiring the development of biotechnological processes.


Our laboratory is dedicated to exploring new bacterial enzymes involved in lignocellulose degradation through comprehensive biochemical and structural characterization and enhancing their properties using protein engineering tools. We additionally focus on developing eco-friendly and cost-effective bioprocesses, looking for green methodologies and synthesis of bioactive molecules.

The research is at the crossroads of protein science and technology. We aim to expand the range of biocatalysts and are committed to uncovering the intricate relationship between enzyme function and structure and delving into the molecular mechanisms behind enzyme evolution.

Current work employs a combination of enzymology, molecular biology, structural biology, and microbiology to study several oxidoreductive enzymes, including laccases, metallo-oxidases, azo/quinone reductases, DyP-type peroxidases, isoeugenol dioxygenases, and, more recently, carbohydrate oxidases such as pyranose 2-oxidases and galactose oxidases.




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