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ITQB NOVA celebrates the 1st International Lathyrus Day

The institute joins the celebration with a special menu at the cafeteria.

Oeiras, 31 May 2024 

The 1st International Lathyrus Day takes place on June 3rd, as a tribute to Fernand Lambein, a well-known Belgian researcher in the field of grass pea research.

Grass pea – Lathyrus sativus L. - is a highly resilient legume with substantial nutritional value, playing a key role in ITQB NOVA's research. Through the European project DIVINFOOD, ITQB NOVA and partners like Évora UniversityADECA (Associação de Desenvolvimento Integrado do Concelho de Alvaiázere) and Cooking lab, aim to integrate this underutilized crop into food chains, promoting healthier diets and sustainable production systems. 

In collaboration with the Municipality of Alvaiázere and citizen science initiatives such as Oeiras Experimenta, ITQB NOVA is enhancing biodiversity. Efforts focus on developing grass pea varieties with improved nutritional, organoleptic, and technological qualities, and greater resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. To celebrate, ITQB NOVA’s cafeteria will extend this diversity to its menu, featuring a special grass pea dish.

Happy International Lathyrus Day!

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