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4XCiência: Debating science on TV

ITQB researcher is one of the resident scientists
4XCiência: Debating science on TV

4XCiência - RTPN

4xCiência is a weekly television show dedicated to science and conducted by four Portuguese researchers: Alexandre Quintanilha (IBMC), Pedro Guedes de Oliveira (INESC), Nuno Crato (ISEG) and Cecília Arraiano from ITQB.  

Each week, a resident scientist selects a new topic and invites specialist researchers to debate recent scientific advances in that area. Moderated by the reporter Sandra Inês Cruz, 4xCiência airs on RTPN on Sundays (14h00), Mondays (20h00) and Tuesdays (2h00 and 13h30).

Monday, 15.09.08, 20h00  “Bactérias no combate ao cancro

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