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Bacterial growth, antibiotic resistance and dormancy

Open mini-symposium on Friday 27

Oeiras, 23.09.2013

On Friday, September 27, by occasion of the PhD Thesis Discussion of Pedro Matos, ITQB is hosting a mini-symposium on “Bacterial growth, antibiotic resistance and dormancy” by scientists in different areas of microbiology. Invited speakers include Alexander Tomasz, from The Rockefeller University and invited full Professor at ITQB, and D.J. Scheffers, former ITQB member now at the University of Groningen. The mini-symposium is organized by Adriano Henriques and Pedro Matos’ supervisor, Mariana Gomes de Pinho.


10am ‐ Prof. Alexander Tomasz
The Rockefeller University, New York, N.Y., USA
"Genes and phenotypes in MRSA: update for 2013"

11am ‐ Dr. D.J. Scheffers
University of Groningen, Centre for Life Sciences, Groningen, The Netherlands
“Substrate availability guides peptidoglycan synthesis”

11:40am ‐ Prof. Jonathan Dworkin
Columbia University, New York, N.Y, USA
“Entry into and exit from dormancy in bacteria"

2:30pm ‐ Pedro Matos Pereira (PhD Thesis presentation)
“Peptidoglycan assembly machines: The Staphylococcus aureus Penicillin‐Binding Proteins”


Hosts: Mariana G. Pinho, Adriano O. Henriques (ITQB‐UNL).

Poster [pdf.]

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