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Basic course on NMR spectroscopy

Call for apllications

A basic course on NMR spectroscopy will take place at ITQB from June 17 to 19. Organized by CERMAX, this three day course includes both theoretical and practical sessions covering basic aspects of the technique and oriented towards both beginners and routine NMR users.

Integrated in the National NMR Network Facility, CERMAX - Centro de Ressonância Magnética Nuclear António Xavier - has several NMR spectrometers (300, 400, 500 and 800 MHz), including the highest field spectrometer in Portugal.

The course topics include basic theoretical aspects of NMR, introduction to the most commonly used 1D and 2D homonuclear and heteronuclear techniques, data acquisition and processing with a “hands-on” approach.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to stating your interest and accompanied by  a short CV. For PhD students the course will correspond to 1 ECTS (send your applications until 3 of June).

The course is open and free of charge, however the practical sessions are restricted to 12 students.



17th of June

  9.00 – Introduction to NMR spectroscopy (the phenomenon, basic properties of the signal).

10.00 – Instrumental aspects of the spectrometer.

10.30 – Break

11.00 – Introduction to TopSpin software.

13.00 – Lunch break

14.30 – Practical sessions

  Sample preparation
  Acquisition (1D, presat, APT)
  Processing and analyzing 1D

18th of June
 9.00 – Practical aspects of acquisition and processing (acquisition parameters, pulse programs, 90º pulse and T1 determination).

10.00 – The Nuclear Overhauser Effect

10.30 – Break

11.00 – Introduction to 2D NMR spectroscopy (Homonuclear correlation)

12.00 – INEPT, HSQC and HMBC

13.00 – Lunch break

14.30 – Practical sessions

  Acquisition (COSY, HSQC)
  Processing and analyzing 2D

19th of June
  9.00 – DOSY.

  9.45 – Protein structure

10.30 – Break

11.00 – Assignment strategies in small molecules (tutorial and exercises)

13.00 – Lunch break

14.30 – Practical sessions

Acquisition exercises


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