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Best PhD Thesis Prize 2010

Thesis on systems biology by António Roldão selected by juri

Oeiras, 10.05.11

António Roldão, former PhD student at the Engineering Cellular Applications Laboratory (Animal Cell Technology Unit), was awarded the Best PhD Thesis Prize for his work in systems biology.

Supervised by Manuel Carrondo, head of the Engineering Cellular Applications Laboratory, and Rui Oliveira, from Requimte/FCT-UNL, António Roldão received his PhD in Engineering and Technology Sciences on June 2010. The thesis is entitled “Production Optimization of Rotavirus-Like Particles: A Systems Biology Approach”.

The thesis intends to provide a set of computational models and algorithms, which represent a step forward to the in silico implementation of the baculovirus/insect cells system, to assist the design of novel and improved optimization schemes for the production of virus particles, viral proteins and/or complex protein structures such as virus-like particles

The award, now in its second edition, aims to recognize the best PhD thesis presented at ITQB in 2010. The prize money of 2,500 Euros is funded by Fundação Jacqueline Dias de Sousa. The selection panel was chaired by Cândido Pinto Ricardo from ITQB.


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