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Best poster award

Biosynthesis of bacterial tetrapyrroles on focus at Gordon Conference

Oeiras, 13.09.10

At the last Chemistry & Biology of Tetrapyrroles Gordon Conference, held at Salve Regina University (Newport, USA) in July, Susana Lobo, Post Doc at the Molecular Genetics of Microbial Resistance Laboratory, was awarded the best poster within the bacterial tetrapyrroles field. The work is entitled “Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough tetrapyrrole biosynthetic pathway enzymes: biochemical and structural characterization”.

About the conference:

The objective of the Chemistry & Biology of Tetrapyrroles Gordon Conference is to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines that otherwise would not interact. By bringing biologists, chemists, engineers and clinicians with a common interest in tetrapyrroles the conference provides a forum for cross-disciplinary ideas and collaboration. The perspective provided by biologists, chemists, and clinicians working in fields such as newly discovered defects in human porphyrin metabolism, the myriad of strategies for light harvesting in photosynthetic organisms, novel tetrapyrroles that serve as auxiliary chromophores or enzyme cofactors, synthetic strategies in the design of novel tetrapyrrole scaffolds, and tetrapyrrole based cell signaling and regulatory systems, makes this conference unique in the field. Over the years the growing evidence for the role of tetrapyrroles and their reactive intermediates in cell signaling and regulation has been of increasing importance at this conference.
The conference, which is organized every two years since 1966, was this year held at Salve Regina University, Newport, USA, between 25 and 30 of July.

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