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Biochemistry for Health Day

An opportunity to learn more about the Masters course

Oeiras, 30.06.2015

On July 13, ITQB welcomes all students interested in learning more about the Masters in Biochemistry for Health. During this open day, potential students have the opportunity to talk with both professors and students, and visit the facilities. Participation in Biochemistry for Health Day is free but registration is required.

Advances in molecular sciences have changed our perspective on human health. In order to understand how the organism works or to design strategies to correct its malfunction, solid biochemical knowledge is now required. This is precisely the objective of the Masters in Biochemistry for Health. The course is directed to students wishing to pursue careers related to biotechnology, pharmaceutics, food industry, medicine, or public health. The call for application to this Mastes course is now open.

The teaching staff gathers researchers from three instiutions within Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Faculdade de Ciências Médicas, and Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica), who help students looking into human health through biochemistry, and exploring the interface with areas such as biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical chemistry, or social sciences.

Registration to the Biochemistry for Health Day should be made by email 

Dia do Mestrado em Bioquímica para a Saúde

The session will run in Portuguese unless non-Portuguese students are present


14h30 - O que é o ITQB? Cláudio Soares, Diretor do ITQB

14h45 - O que é o iBET? Paula Alves, Diretora Executiva do iBET

15h00 - Bioquímica para a Saúde - Uma visão geral do Mestrado

Teresa Catarino (FCT) | Pedro Matias (ITQB) | Sebastião Rodrigues (FCM)
Comissão Científica do Mestrado

15h30 - Perguntas e Respostas

Docentes do Mestrado em Bioquímica para a Saúde e Alunos do 1º e 2º ano

16h00 - Visitas a Laboratórios do ITQB/iBET

  • Unidade de Tecnologia de Células Animais
  • Centro de Ressonância Magnética Nuclear
  • Unidade de Cristalografia de Macromoléculas

17h30 - Encerramento


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