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Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada honoured at FEBS Congress

Portuguese Science Minister and President of FCT present at the cerimony in Prague
Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada honoured at FEBS Congress

Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada

Oeiras, 06.07.09

Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada, invited full professor at ITQB and head of the Genomics and Stress Laboratory, received this Saturday the FEBS Diplôme d´Honneur during the 34th FEBS Congress in Prague. The Portuguese Ministry of Science, José Mariano Gago, and the President of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, João Sentieiro were s honorary guests in this award ceremony.

In November 2008, the Executive Committee of FEBS unanimously decided to award the Medaille d’Honneur to Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada, for her long and devoted activities for FEBS. From 1992 to 2001, Claudina Rodrigues-Pousada was the Portuguese delegate of the FEBS Council representing the Portuguese Biochemical Society. After chairing the organizing committee of the 27th FEBS/PAMBMB Congress (2001) in Lisbon, she was appointed vice-president (2002) and later president (2003-2004) of the FEBS executive committee. Between 2005 and 2007 she was president of the Working Group on the Career of Young Scientists.

The Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) is one of the largest organisations in European life sciences, with nearly 40.000 members distributed among 36 Constituent Societies and 7 Associated Member Societies in 43 countries. The Medaille d’Honneur is a distinction made every two years to researchers who have contributed significantly to the development of FEBS and the field of Biochemistry.



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