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DeGóis Curricula Platform

Informative Session at ITQB
DeGóis Curricula Platform

DeGóis Curricula Platform

On the 14th October, at 14h00, ITQB will host an informative session at the Auditorium, presented by Leonel Duarte dos Santos, one of the coordinators of the DeGóis Curricula Platform .

The DeGóis Curricula Platform is an instrument for gathering, supplying, and analyzing the intellectual and scientific production of the Portuguese researchers.  It consists of a portal having as main features the individual management of the curricular information, the visualization of national science and technology indicators, and the search for curricula according to content-related queries. FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) supports the use and development of the DeGóis Curricula Platform since it gives a wider range of possibilities than the ones currently available in FCTSIG. FTC hopes to launch the first call using DeGóis in 2008.

With DeGóis it will be possible to communicate at various levels with a centralized repository of metadata.  Links will be made to the Repository’s full text.  Lists of publications can then be easily generated with links to the full text for author CVs. The DeGóis Platform is involved with international partners of science and technology management like ScienTI Network and EuroCRIS – Current Research Information Systems

Please note that the information session will be given in Portuguese

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