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Designing enzyme mimics

Best poster awarded at international meeting

Oeiras, 09.05.10

Ana Filipa Fragoso, BI student from the Bioinorganic Chemistry and Peptide Design Laboratory, received the Best Poster Award at the "Young Scientists Days - Chemistry-Biology-Physics interface meeting". This symposium took place in May at the European Institute of Chemistry and Biochemistry in Bordeaux (France) under the framework of INTERBIO.

The presented work is focused on the design, synthesis and characterization of synthetic peptides capable of binding manganese and/or iron that act as mimics of the enzyme Superoxide dismutase. Synthetic peptides are not only useful to understand the action mechanism of native enzymes but have also potential applications as therapeutic agents.


Design of Superoxide dismutase mimics

Ana Fragoso, Patrick Groves e Olga Iranzo

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